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Super Bowl Hangover

Typical events have transpired at the end of the 2011/2012 NFL season. There have been happy post game interviews, sad post game interviews, and even analysis from wives that have been covered by ESPN rigourously(thanks guys). So now that I can finally pull myself together after the extraordinary amount of nachos, meatballs, pulled pork sliders, spinach dip, cupcakes, and potato skins I had eaten, its time for a little bit of analysis on Super Bowl XLVI. 

First things first. Congratulations to the New York football Giants.

Both of those teams wanted it bad. You could tell very quickly once things started rolling in the first quarter, that both of these teams were prepared for each other. No play either of the run or pass variety was easy for the offences to obtain. And although #12 was sacked on Sunday, the O-line of the Patriots defended their honour by doing a very good job providing Brady with time to make his reads.

These teams played physical right from kick off, and the football world saw how much better the Patriots defence can be when healthy. Patrick Chung to me was the standout player for the Patriots. He must have been in on the majority of plays. This kid plays with the utmost intensity, and it really changes the attitude of the receivers in the secondary. He was stopping the run, screens, and levelling receivers deep(example would be Nicks taking a shot downfield and not being able to come up with the ball in bounds. Hit of the game no doubt.) I look forward to watching Pat Chung develop in that defence, and Im sure coach Belichick does too. Jason Pierre Paul proved he is just as much of an elite talent as everyone proclaims. I believe Cris Collinsworth said it best when he claimed “he’s not a normal human being, just too athletic” in reference to the 6”5 278 LBS defensive end.

Eli Manning has now solidified himself as not only a hall of fame quarterback, but as one of the best clutch performers in the game hands down. Manning was 30-40 with 296 yards and 1 touchdown. He simply played championship football on Sunday, and rewarded his teammates with Lombardi’s silver trophy. Good job Eli you deserve the credit, especially for backing up your bold statement of how you belong with the Elite quarterbacks in the game. Like my buddy Trev says, you cant spell “elite without ELI.”

Sunday’s game was anything but boring. It was the type of football that kept you interested all game long. We can thank both the New England Patriots and the New York Giants for a stellar Super Bowl. 

So its all said and done, what a season for the NFL.

***Stay tuned to the Randall St. Sports Wire for additional analysis on the NFL all off-season long as well as a detailed mock draft to be posted in the coming days.  

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  • 7 February 2012
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